Midnight Recording Studios offers clients recording services at affordable rates.

Studio time WITH ENGINEER includes all of the following:

Recording/Tracking- This step is what everyone refers to when they hear "recording studio". It's role is the majority of what happens at Midnight Recording Studios, but there are a variety of other steps that direct individuals towards developing music. Recording/Tracking at Midnight Recording Studios consists of vocal recording, as well as instrument and percussion recording upon artists requests.

Mixdown/Editing- Mixing and editing are essential steps in making a great product. Our producers are dignified of their reputation for performing top quality
mixdowns. The mixdown process consists of editing and tuning  multi-layered vocals and instruments that make up a song. The finishing touches include equalizing, compressing, and mixing each layer to successfully develop the needs of the client and the standards of universal audio today.

Song Revamp/Beats- More local artists today have developed home studios that may produce good musical ideas, but they mostly lack in high quality equipment and recording experience. Midnight Recording Studios has control rooms with ProTools with over 100 sound enhancing plug-ins. Our staff regularly revamps musical productions to meet high expectations on the project each artist pursues. Our producers also, sell beats and background music premixed in the studio, developed with ProTools and many years of experience.

For booking please call (336) 339-9099 or (336)-405-4139
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